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Past Shows

Joana Stillwell and Michael King
February 5th, 2014 - March 5th, 2014

3 -31 October 2013

Dalton Brink, Kelley Farley, & Vida Rose
January 6- January 31

Upcoming 2013 Art Gallery Artists
July - November 2012

Starheadboy & Narboo
Nov. 2- Nov. 28

October: Joan Bowers, Emily Joseph, Thendara Kida-gee
Oct. 1- Oct. 28

September: Diversity In Screenprint
Sept. 1- Sept. 28

August: Celebrating 10 Years of All Ages Music
Aug. 1- Aug. 28

May Show: Ghost Ghost Teeth
may 9-May 22 2012

July Showcase: Brian Britigan, Alice Case, & South Shore Robotic Arts
July 3- July 30

June Gallery Show: NOVA High School Recap
June 10-June 27

Ver[A]rt Gallery June Exhibition:  The Nova Show
June 10-June 27

Past Shows
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