Deerhoof w/Buke and Gase!
Posted 09.12.2012

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Deerhoof and Buke and Gase are two bands known for their unpredictability from record to record. Both frequently change their sound and styles, constantly experimenting with a do-what-we-wanna-do attitude to making music. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a great concert experience; whether you’ve yet to see them or have been following them throughout the years, every concert is sure to be a unique, fun experience. It only makes sense that they are currently touring the US together!

Both bands have recently released albums to coincide with their tour – Buke and Gase’s Function Falls EP featuring their hit “Misshaping Introduction” and a note-worthy cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” and Deerhoof’s 11th studio album, Breakup Song. In a recent review of the album, Sputnik Music says, “What Deerhoof has done with Breakup Song is shove, cram, force, kick, and punch their way through so many genres that at times the average music listener’s head may spin just trying to keep up with one song, let alone sit through the entire album. The end result is 30 minutes of the most inspirational works of art this decade has seen. Whether you like some of the genres Deerhoof has covered in Breakup Song or not, the pure talent necessary to mold so many together demands respect.” There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy at this show. Come out to see Deerhoof with Buke and Gase at The Vera Project, 9/28!

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