It’s That Time of Year Again!
Posted 10.15.2012

Today marks the beginning of The Vera Project’s annual Fall Fund Drive! To celebrate, we’re bringing you weekly True and Sincere Friends blog posts, Get introduced to the many talented faces of Vera and learn what makes this place so special for them. For our first post, Vera volunteer Hayley Woods shares some words about how Vera has made a difference in her life. Check it out, & thanks Hayley!

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How have you been involved with The Vera Project?
I’ve been a volunteer for nearly a year now, and I became a member this past summer, which was nice.

How has Vera impacted you, or helped you with your future?
Vera has made me a much more confident and outgoing person. When I started volunteering, I was painfully quiet and I was scared of talking to people. In just a year, I’m on the stage doing announcements in front of crowds like the attendees of the Deerhoof show. The great thing about Vera is that it makes you so confident about who you are as a person. There are so many unique people there, that you have to be the amazing person you are.

If you had access to unlimited money, name one way you would improve Vera.
If I had unlimited money for Vera, I would start printing actual tickets for shows. It doesn’t seem like a major thing, but I personally keep almost all of the tickets I get from movies and concerts. Tickets are really fantastic ways to hold a memory. I’m silly.

Do you have a favorite show or memory at Vera?
It’s hard for me to pin down one show or memory as my favorite. Probably because nearly every time I go to Vera, I leave thinking I had the best time. But meeting Hank Green and one of the lads from Harry and the Potters is up there.

In less than 5 words, describe The Vera Project.
Infinitely better then Homecoming.


Starting October 15th and lasting through the end of the year, The Vera Project is asking for donations to our Fall Fund Drive! Donations of any amount are a crucial part of what makes Vera work. We rely on your (monetary!) support to keep our doors open to the thousands of individuals that come here each year. Please take a moment out of your day to donate a buck or two to help Seattle’s premiere all-ages music & arts venue continue to thrive and give everyone a safe, low-priced, fun space to dance, learn, & rock!

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