Rachel’s Top Ten of 2012
Posted 12.20.2012

Fundraising Intern Rachel made a “Best Dance Moments of 2012” list. I’m about to bust a move just reading about these: check them out! Pictures included!

Rachel Kramer’s 10 best dance moments of 2012:

1. Electric Tea Garden at 11am during Decibel Festival with a beer-bellied man wearing a pink crop top that said RAGE and a uhaul van called the “Rage Cage”. I think he was still there from the night before.

2. Watching the sunset on a patio while Kid Smpl spins my anthem (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TpDPpCZwvE):

3. Jumping on my bed in my basement bedroom waiting for my roommate to finish studying for the GRE upstairs:

4. Standing on the armrests and straddling the aisle of a rented bus during Birthright in Israel.

5. In the mosh pit during St. Vincent while Annie Clark herself stage dived on my head. I dropped my bag in the resulting frenzy, but managed to recover the important bits.:

6. Election night on Pike and 10th in Capitol Hill. Obama! Gay marriage!

7. In a dumpster wearing a stolen horse mask after the City Arts opening party:

8. At the Polish Cultural Center sandwiched between two friends in sumo wrestling suits:

9. Headbanging outside the mosh pit during Jeff the Brotherhood. Hella curlz involved:

10. In my deskchair, every single day and night of my life. When things get real crazy, I even stand ‘n swivel. NO PHOTO, ONLY VIP LIVE PERFORMANCES.

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