Spotlight on Robot Mermaids: Playing with the NOVA Benefit this Sunday!
Posted 06.07.2012

We talked to Rikki Parent, a NOVA student in the band Robot Mermaids who has never played live before. These are the kind of experiences Vera is made of!

Vera: How did your band get its name?
Rikki: We got our name in a last second panic. I had recently sketched a robotic fish lady so when my band mates told me we needed a song by the end of the day I threw out Robot Mermaids and they liked it.
Vera: How long have you been a band? 
Rikki: I’ve been in this band since January. I signed up for band class and we kind of morphed together. I play guitar.
Vera: What is your favorite part about playing music?
Rikki: My favorite part of playing music is when I’m just jamming with someone and our brains sync up together so we both know when to switch it up or go crazy and then we both stop on the same note.
Vera: Have you played a show before?
Rikki: I’ve never been in a live performance before. But I’m super excited!

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