True & Sincere Friends: Amy Pinon!
Posted 11.26.2012

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Vera offices are open and running as usual again! We hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving break! Crazy how November is almost over, and there’s only about a month left of our Fall Fund Drive! We still need and appreciate your generous donations of any size during these last few weeks. Looking for some inspiration? Amy Pinon has done a little bit of everything at Vera throughout the years, and shares her reasons to donate below.

How have you been involved with The Vera Project?
I started as a sound runner and then became the Gallery Intern, where I was able to learn more about the vast amount of opportunities available at Vera. From there, I decided to become a member and served on the Programming and Diversity committees. I have also volunteered as sound assistant for a myriad of shows and have been involved in a lot of other Vera volunteer opportunities, such as the Viva Vera Gala.

How has Vera impacted you, or helped you with your future?
What I love most about The Vera Project is that it is all ages and is volunteer-powered, making every opportunity an enjoyable experience to meet other people and learn new skills in a non-intimidating way. I think for a long time I have had the mindset that it’s extremely difficult to get your foot in the door, especially in the music industry. The Vera Project has helped me to understand that whatever you want to do in life is truly attainable – all you have to do is put yourself out there, go to shows, meet new people, make connections and you’re building your future from there. The Vera Project is a great platform for that type of interaction.

If you had access to unlimited money, name one way you would improve Vera.
This may seem a little far-fetched, but if it were up to my money, I’d really love to put a sustainable garden in The Vera Project. It would bring another great avenue of partnerships and community space, plus we could actually produce our own fresh food for shows. Of course, a stove-top and oven upgrade would also need to come with the garden to make it a legitimate food experience!

Do you have a favorite show or memory at Vera?
This is going to sound super cheesy, but I remember at the Hawthorne Heights show, I joined Nelson in the studio and we just hung out for a bit until the show started. Although I didn’t stay in the studio the whole time (I wanted to watch the show!), Nelson put me in front of the board for a few minutes where I felt completely trusted and in control as an aspiring audio engineer. I guess that memory sticks with me because it is the subtle actions and the faith people entrust in you that really make experiences count. I have had a lot of subtle profound encounters like this with many people that have walked through Vera’s doors.

In less than 5 words, describe The Vera Project.
Opportunity and Inspiration Abound

Thanks, Amy!

Starting October 15th and lasting through the end of the year, The Vera Project is asking for donations to our Fall Fund Drive! Donations of any amount are a crucial part of what makes Vera work. We rely on your (monetary!) support to keep our doors open to the thousands of individuals that come here each year. Please take a moment out of your day to donate a buck or two to help Seattle’s premiere all-ages music & arts venue continue to thrive and give everyone a safe, low-priced, fun space to dance, learn, & rock!

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