True & Sincere Friends: Vera Silkscreener Rosanna!
Posted 10.29.2012

It’s hard to believe we’re already entering the third week of Fall Fund Drive! Thanks for all the support so far. For this week’s T&SF, we’ve asked previous volunteer and amazing silkscreener Rosanna Lui to answer some of our questions, new and old!

How have you been involved with The Vera Project?

I currently occupy 99% of the space in the screen printing studio and do show posters for Vera. I used to volunteer at the shows at Vera but after I got involved with screen printing it destroyed my life. I love it more than anything since I get to design posters for bands that I love. What is a person to do if they can’t play an instrument or sing in a band, you design posters! Although you can’t pick up people by saying “I’m in a band” but it has a similar affect. 

How has Vera impacted you, or helped you with your future?

Vera has allowed me a doorway into the poster world which I am thankful for. It has also given me an outlet to do art since college math classes is just as soul sucking as pushing paper in an office.

If you had access to unlimited money, name one way you would improve Vera.

I would get Black Flag to get back together and play at Vera. Realistically, if I had unlimited money, I would throw money at bigger bands so it would help Vera bring in more revenue to sustain for many years to come. And use that revenue to sustain more than anything. I would like to see Vera existing 20 years from now so if I ever have kids I would take them there and force them to screen print like a pro.

Do you have a favorite show or memory at Vera?

To be honest, I’ve seen way way too many shows at Vera and I guess all my favorite memories would be the fact the screen printing studio has not burned down. I’ve seen way too many fires in the studio and the fact it is still intact is my favorite memory!

In less than 5 words, describe The Vera Project.

Loud, melting pot, left-brained, Portland’s less whiny sister. (Eh, more or less 5 words).

Why is it important for the community to support Vera?

This is one of those questions you ask why do you like the color blue or what will I eat for dinner tonight. It really is a no brainer why it is important to support Vera! Supporting Vera is crucial for many people to find inspiration and skills in order to develop fully into a modern day Renaissance man or woman. To truly be rounded, a person should not just engage in just the fields of science but embrace their artistic side. Vera provides a space for many people to experiment with the arts and build a sense of community. If a organization provides nothing but good why not support it!

Thanks Rosanna!

Starting October 15th and lasting through the end of the year, The Vera Project is asking for donations to our Fall Fund Drive! Donations of any amount are a crucial part of what makes Vera work. We rely on your (monetary!) support to keep our doors open to the thousands of individuals that come here each year. Please take a moment out of your day to donate a buck or two to help Seattle’s premiere all-ages music & arts venue continue to thrive and give everyone a safe, low-priced, fun space to dance, learn, & rock!

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