Join the Gallery Committee
The Ver(a)rt Gallery Committee meets once a month to decide on issues affecting the gallery. New people are encouraged to attend. We provide opportunities to participate at a lot of levels. We almost always meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 -8 pm in the Ver(a)rt Gallery space. Please email verart@theveraproject.org for more information.

The Ver(a)rt Gallery offers an internship for youth to learn skills related to non-profit arts. Our internships typically last 3-6 months and are paid with a small stipend. Stay tuned to this page for the next opening or email verart@theveraproject.org to be contacted when our next internship is announced. In addition to our Ver(a)rt gallery internship, we have for-credit internship programs with UW, Seattle U, Cornish and Shoreline Community College! Email verart@theveraproject.org for more info.

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