Iron Lung Records’ WHAT WE LIKE Gallery Show

Iron Lung Records’ WHAT WE LIKE gallery show rocks some of the finest artists that have ever had anything to do with our humble imprint. All them have done art for our releases or play in the bands that we release records for. They are all incredible. A quick 3 day pop up show featuring original artwork by:

Nick Blinko

Tim Kerr


El Muro

Jon Kortland

Nic Schmidt

Chanel Adair 

Roderick McClain 

Karoline Collins

Matthew Adis

Justin Gallego 

Jess Scott 

Amy Browne

Riley Kerr

J. Party

Ian Shelton 

Mark Nystrom


August Alston 


WHAT WE LIKE aka Iron Lung Records 10th Anniversary weekend April 7/8/9 2017. A weekend packed full of music, art, movies and food. One time event in Seattle. TICKETS at