Solo Art Exhibition: Kathreen Absuelo

Kathreen Absuelo
Kathreen Absuelo

Exhibit up until Nov 2

Opening: October 22, 7pm

Local Seattle Artist Kathreen Kaye Rodrigo Absuelo invites guests to a beautiful evening of paintings, live visual art models, and sounds by musical creatives Kingdom of the Holy Sun and Calm Candy.

A unique art opening – partial proceeds of paintings will be donated to Wolf Haven International, a non-profit organization that gives over 50 wolves a beautiful sanctuary they call home. For more information, visit:

7:00 Gallery Opening

8:00 Live Art Presentation – Beautifully body painted models – Hayley McAuliffe, Kendra Armes, Lauren Hobday, Rachel Christopherson, and Tina Keene 

8:30 Portland’s CALM CANDY Performance

9:30 Live Body Art Presentation

10:00 Seattle’s KINGDOM OF THE HOLY SUN Performance

*Advanced Notice: Partial Nudity at Gallery Opening*

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IG: @KathreenArtist
Bio: Kathreen Kaye Rodrigo Absuelo was born September 8, 1991 in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She grew up in Ayala Alabang and Santa Rosa Laguna which are cities in Manila, during her early childhood. Her family moved to the United States at the age of 8, which was about when her 2nd grade art teacher first recognized her artistic skills.  Before that, she attended Catholic Private Schools in Philippines, which did not encourage her artistic skills.  After two years of living in Dallas, her parents packed everything to move back to the Philippines.  Although her conservative father was disappointed of the public education that encouraged creativity, he suddenly decides to move the family to Seattle. Seattle is the place where Kathreen’s interest in doodling as a child turned into her eternal devotion for painting and creating what appeals to her mind. With the support from some family members and friends she was fortunately surrounded by, she finally became confident enough to have her work seen in the public eyes of strangers rather than having them still be cooped up in the darkness of her room.  Kathreen’s first art show took place at the 619 western building in Pioneer Square for the July 2011 First Thursday Artwalk; A creative space she admired for years ever since she went to her first artwalk. This was her favorite place to go to see beautiful work by outside and local Seattle artists, so was very thankful to be able to have her work shown there for the first time.  She quotes, “If I’m going to have my first art show, why not have it be in a place that holds most of my memories closest to my heart, the place I call home, Seattle”. In that same month, a couple weeks after her first art show, she packed her things and moved down to Ventura, Ca to be closer to L.A. This sudden decision was made after the realization of the opportunities she could have living there of meeting new people she could connect with in the arts culture.  While living in southern California, Kathreen was in three art group shows for RAW Artists Hollywood, Chocolate & Art Los Angeles, and Daily Visuals Compton.  After a year of living in Ventura, she decided to move back to Seattle to study engineering.  After a few years of non-art related academic studies, her lifelong passion tremendously re-awakened.  Within two short months of painting again; Kathreen reconnected with Chocolate & Art for a group show in Los Angeles June 2015.  She was also contacted to showcase her first solo art exhibition in years for Vera Gallery at Seattle Center in Fall 2015.  To this day, Kathreen is continuously surrounded by positive energy, meeting creative and passionate friends that support her with this pursuit to be universally recognized as an artist. 

IG: @CalmCandyBand

IG: @KingdomoftheHolySun

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