Audio/Technical Program

Since its inception, The Vera Project (VERA) has provided opportunities for people with little or no hands on experience in audio engineering and event production.  Whether it’s learning how to set up a basic portable PA for small shows, running a 32 channel mixing board, organizing outside festivals or setting up lights for concerts, VERA has the training and mentoring opportunities needed to become a true professional in music production.  Classes and workshops are, like everything else at VERA, always all-ages!

VERA’s technical program is for all aspiring live sound and recording engineers, stage managers and lighting designers.  VERA has monthly workshops and training opportunities that will take you from a novice to an expert in about nine months.  Every Vera Project show is an opportunity to get hands on experience in a professional setting.  VERA technical volunteers repeatedly graduate into paying sound engineering and production positions at local clubs, studios, and event production companies. 

VERA’s Technical Program encompasses: Live Sound, Audio Recording, Stage and Show Management, Event Planning and Concert Lighting.


  • Many of our ongoing classes are $35 (50% off to VERA Members) and require pre-registration.
  • You can register HERE.
  • Space is limited and priority is given to people under 25.

Click here for a list of our ongoing classes.

*Even if you have sound, silkscreen or lighting experience we ask that you attend the 101 classes to get acquainted with VERA’s method and the program itself.  Thanks for your cooperation.