Gear Specs

Vera Project Sound & Stage Specifications

FOH Console: Midas M32
Mains: (6 total 3 per side) MackieHDA 1200W Powered Line Array
Subs: (2) EAW SB1000ZR, 2400W per side
Guest EQ: Presonus DEQ624 Stereo Graphic EQ
Outboard Gear:

  • (2) Rane C4 Quad Compressor
  • Stereo DBX 266 Comp/Gate
  • Rane C4 Quad Gate
  • Lexicon MPX100 Reverb/Delay
  • Yamaha Rev 500 Reverb
  • Tascam CDRW750 CD Recorder

24 Channels is our standard maximum due to the channel constraints of our monitor desk. Arrangements can be made with prior notice and request. 10 channels of compression and 6 channels of gates total available.



Mon Console: Mackie Onyx 3204
Stage Monitors:  (4) EAW SM12 (3 mixes center mix is 2 SM12’s jumped)
Drum Monitor: EAW SM15 & Mackie S410 (Drum Sub)
Equalization: (4 ch) Rane DEQ 60L Stereo Graphic EQ
Outboard Gear: Mackie Quad Comp/Gate

2 additional monitor mixes are available with prior notice and request (2 Mackie SRM450 Powered Monitors) with 6 monitor mixes maximum.


FOH: Behringer iNuke 6000 Subs and Line Array Mains
Monitors: Biamped 500w Crown into mids and 200w Crown into highs
Drum Monitor: Triamped 1400w QSC sub 200 , 800w QSC top and 200w Crown Into highs


Additional Specifications:

Size: 16 ft wide, 21 ft deep (in the corner of the room)
Height 3 ft

LED system with Avolites Pearl 2000 Board

Microphones etc:
(5) Sure SM58
(4) Sure SM57s
(2) Seinheiser e609
(3) Seinheiser  e604
(1) Sure Beta 52
(1) Sure Beta 91a
(1) Audix D6
(1) AKG D112
(2) EV nd478
(2) CAD 217 Small Condensers
(2) Radial ProDI Direct Boxes
(4) DBX Direct Boxes