Announcing Vera’s 2016 Fall Fund Drive!

Vera’s fifteenth year as an organization - Ten years at Seattle Center

This year The Vera Project celebrated fifteen years of curating all-ages shows, fifteen years since we led the battle to overturn the Teen Dance Ordinance, and fifteen years of supporting Seattle’s arts community through serving as a resource for artists, musicians, and audio engineers regardless of age or experience.

We would like to appeal to you to pledge your support of Vera at the end of 2016. Our mission–to fuel personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art–can only happen with support from community members like you.

Take a look at what we accomplished in 2016:

  • Vera is now at full staff capacity – the first time in nearly two years. With a full staff we are able to directly meet the needs of our membership, and better serve our community as a resource for knowledge, space, and tools.
  • Our friends KEXP moved in next door. We have already been able to engage in exciting partnerships, and look forward to a future of working together to keep our music community strong.
  • We hosted the second annual Women In Creative Industries Forum, an interactive event for current and aspiring music and media makers to explore how women create movements through mass channels of discourse to communicate and create more justice in the world, created by Vera Member Amy Piñon.
  • We launched our Mobile Audio Production Program in partnership with WAPI Community Services. This program brought Vera’s audio engineering education program to south Seattle youth, a huge step forward in increasing access to Vera’s educational programming.
  • We sponsored community events such as “Smash The Patriarchy Ball” and TUF Fest, an all-ages festival highlighting women, non-binary, and trans individuals in electronic music.

We are working on exciting new initiatives to help expand our current programming reach throughout Seattle. Building on our Mobile Audio Production Program, we will expand the number of opportunities for underserved youth to access Vera’s unique resources and learning opportunities, both at our Seattle Center home and in the communities in which these youth live. We will build educational partnerships with local schools, and expand our offerings of community-focused events via partnerships with both local music and arts industry leaders and emerging creative and social justice-minded youth. All of this is in line with our work to empower youth to envision and create the scenes and city in which they’ll thrive.

Donate to Vera today!