Basics of Studio Mixing Class

A two hour class to get started, a lifetime to master! Getting a good balanced mix in the DAW environment is one of the most rewarding parts of recording. In this class one of Vera’s experienced Audio Engineers will walk you through the basic setup of a mix and discuss the many ways you can reach your desired goal. Discover how critical listening for the music’s genre, EQ and compression techniques, bussing/aux sends and special effect plugins all combine to create a “master ready” mixdown.

  • Prerequisites: Basics of Live Sound and Live Recording Workshop (Multitrack Recording Workshop recommended)
  • Class Size: Maximum 6 
  • Cost: $35 (1/2 off for members), which can be paid through the website, via card over the phone (206.956.8372), or cash/check/card in person. (we ask for advance payments to guarantee spots in a class.)



Saturday, August 18 (12-2pm)

Saturday, December 15 (12-2pm)