Sound 102 Mixing for Monitors Class

Sound 102 Mixing for Monitors Class

Creating a good monitor mix is one of the most important skills for a live sound engineer to master. This advanced class will teach you the basic techniques in a low pressure environment. Subjects will include an introduction to Vera’s stage monitors, the basic ‘ringing out’ of monitors, EQing, and setting levels. The use of these techniques will allow you to create a clear monitor mix that will help performers be at their best.

Prerequisites: Sound 101
Class Size: Minimum 4 Maximum 12

Cost: $35 (Half off for members) which can be paid online or with cash/check/card in person. (we ask for advance payments to guarantee spots in a class.)


After a person has completed the Mixing for Monitors class they are be eligible to take the Monitor Engineer volunteer position and help run monitors at Vera shows.



Saturday, January 4th 2:30p-4:30p

Saturday, January 25th 2:30p-4:30p

Wednesday, February 19th 5p-7p