MonoMerch: Embroidery & DIY Culture

This class series is an avenue for creation and community, through lenses of DIY application and self care. Students who opt for the 3-class series of the class will participate in group discussions, instructor presentations and own time activities in and outside of class with the opportunity to share progress. Starts with the fundamentals of embroidery which will set the foundation for any needlework project. Assignments will challenge students to imagine different kinds of merch, the various applications and possibilities with the medium of needlework. In the end students will have embroidered pieces for themselves or to share with their communities. To participate in this class, you will need: computer or phone with mic and camera, 4in embroidery hoop, embroidery needles, floss(thread), scissors, fabric. Optional: fusible interfacing, washable fabric marker. You can purchase an optional embroidery supply kit by selecting the “Embroidery Kit” option upon checkout. 

Capacity: 10 for 3-week class, 5 for 1-week class

Price: $55-65 sliding scale for 3 classes, $25 for single class, $20 for embroidery supply kit + zine


Tickets on sale now, buy an Embroidery Kit through Oct 6th at noon
Tickets on sale now, buy an Embroidery Kit through Nov 3rd at noon