Punks Do Pilates

Punks do Pilates is a fun and adaptable 50-minute Pilates class with modifications for both ease and challenge. It will focus on building functional movement: including elements of balance and coordination, while also working on accessing core strength in different positions to help maintain better body alignment. It sounds serious, but some movements might make you feel five years old. This is a moderate effort/low impact class, which means it may be challenging at times, but you’ll always be connected to the floor. Please get in touch if you have questions about whether or not the positions or movements in this class might work for your body. All you need is a mat or rug! Punks do Pilates for The Vera Project is a virtual Pilates class taught by Home Body Movement co-founders and DIY musician Rebecca Redman.

Capacity: 20

Price: $12

Upcoming Class Dates:

Wednesday, October 7th 6p-7p