Get Involved / Volunteer

Volunteer at Vera to choose your own creative adventure and help us build the community that you want to be a part of today! Get involved by running shows, helping out in the silkscreen and recording studios, organizing grassroots social movements, curating gallery exhibitions, launching new programs– anything you want, really.

Step 1: Take a Volunteer Orientation

Learn what The Vera Project is all about, check out our current programs & opportunities, meet some of the people you’ll be working with, and more at our volunteer orientations! Now held online, getting involved with Vera has never been easier. To complete our digital orientation, watch this video and fill out a VERA Volunteer Application.

Step 2: Sign Up & Get Started

As soon as your application is processed (within 1-3 days), you’ll be ready to start volunteering! Some of our current opportunities include:

  • Making our weekly episodes of Vera TV happen as a performer, producer, designer, and more
  • Contributing to collaborative DIY zines & comics
  • Building community organizing campaigns and registering new voters
  • Designing and screen printing radical artwork and prints
  • Working with committees on a wide range of creative projects

Step 3: Become a Member

By pledging six volunteer hours (per quarter) and participating in one of our committees, you can become a card-carrying member of The Vera Project!

Vera Members democratically lead and govern our space in collaboration with the Board of Directors, building community, creating and collaborating on programs, and guiding the big decisions that determine our shared future. As a member, you’ll run the show with your voices and votes! There may or may not be some other benefits as well. Sign up now.