Become A Member

Hey you out there! Are you a Vera member yet?

What?!?!? You aren’t?? Alright I’ll help ya out. Here’s how to get started.

FIRST – Become a volunteer. Attend a volunteer orientation – Dates and info here!

NEXT (second) – join the email list (click here to join), volunteer at 4 shows or for a total of 24 hours. This is simple. Just show Vera some love. Email to sign up.

NEXT (third) – Come down to a members meeting, pledge your 12 hours of volunteer word (or pay the $200 members fee), fill out a member’s application, and join a committee.

Check it out! Have you followed those directions? You’re now a card-carrying member! In addition to the ability to flash your flashy new card you get some other cool opportunities too:

  • The chance to shape Vera how you want to and make it your own.
  • Free entry to all Vera shows for the year
  • 50% off most of our already amazingly cheap workshops and classes
  • The chance to get an insider look at the music industry and scene in Seattle
  • The chance to make awesome new friends and meet tons of new people!

As a member you are also expected to attend the quarterly members meetings, stay involved in the committee you’ve chosen to join, join the members email list to stay current on member issues, participate in board member elections, and be awesome. (no pressure)