Membership and Board


Members of the Vera Project lead and govern Vera in collaboration with Vera’s Board. Members help create and review programs, raise money, promote events, and make the decisions that determine Vera’s future. As a Member you run the show (collaboratively speaking, that is), and it comes with the following benefits:

  • The chance to shape Vera how you want to and make it your own.
  • Voting rights in committee and membership meetings
  • Up to 50% off our already amazingly cheap workshops and classes
  • The chance to get an insider look at the music industry and scene in Seattle
  • The chance to make awesome new friends and meet tons of new people!
  • First dibs on delicious snacks
  • Get added to an email list that sends exclusive opportunities, tickets to shows and events, and more

How to become a member:

Membership is available to volunteers who pledge to do at least 24 hours of volunteer service during the year.  People generally do some volunteering first before filling out the member registration form. Membership application can be found here You can also reach out to Jessica ( for questions regarding Membership.


The Membership body meetings quarterly (every January, April, July, October). At these meetings, people from all facets of Vera come together (volunteers, members, staff, instructors etc. ), to give updates, and talk about the future of Vera! These meetings are open to the public, so you can stop by and learn more before committing to anything. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow volunteers, and talk to people in the different programs we offer. You can also fill out paperwork, and get your membership card.

Next Members’ Meeting:

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2019 from 6:30-8 PM


Vera’s Board provides direction and oversight to keep Vera legal and solvent. Board meetings happen at 6pm in the Vera conference room on the 4th Monday of every month (there is no Board meeting August, November and December).


  • Sunny Hong, Co-Chair
    • Program and Operation Associate, Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases, PATH
  • Jenelle Clark, Co-Chair
    • Public Information Specialist, University of Washington, Dept. of Urban Design
  • Kim West, Vice Chair
    • Attorney at Law, Mix Sanders Thompson PLLC
    • Musician, Smokey Brights
  • Kayla DeMonte, Secretary
    • Sr. Program Manager, Citizen University
  • Brittney Bush Bollay
    • 36th District Democrats
  • Brea Dunn
    • Sr. Admin Assistant of Endocrinology & Diabetes Division, Seattle Children’s Hospital
    • Visual Artist & Curator
  • Jonathan Zwickel
    • Freelance writer & journalist
  • Cleo Barnett, Secretary
    • Deputy Director, Amplifier
  • Phil Bouie
    • Development Officer, LegalVoice
  • Cheri Kramer
    • International Tax Manager, Amazon
  • Rebecca Denk
    • Director of Finance and Human Resources, KEXP
  • Tessa Tenborg
    • Digital Marketing Executive, Penwizard Ltd