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The Vera Project Info
The Vera Project’s live concert program is what makes it Seattle’s Premier All-Ages Music Venue. We have a strong heritage hosting artists both local and national and are always looking to welcome more into our history. If you’re a local artist or national booking agent we are the right venue for you. The goals of producing live music shows are to put together exciting lineups that fill our venue to capacity, present a broad range of music genres, and support young and emerging artists. Ideally we try to match national touring acts to emerging local ones to ensure that artists are constantly getting exposed to new audiences and are fairly compensated.

Be certain that we take every demo we receive into consideration and try to place every act that is appropriate for Vera onto bills that suit them. Unlike most nightclubs that host music 6 or 7 nights, the Vera Project produces shows only once or twice a week.  This can mean that it takes a while to get into the rotation and that once you’ve played here once, it can take a long time for your turn to come again. There may only be one or two rock or hip hop shows for an entire month, which means that there are only a few slots available for the multitude of talented musicians in or touring through Seattle. On the other hand, when you are placed, you are assured to have great show.

Online Music Profiles

  • Band name and contact info
  • What specific dates you are looking for, especially if you are touring
  • Average draw for an ALL-AGES crowd
  • What clubs or venues you have played
  • What PR you do for shows
  • Bandcamp/soundcloud link (please no MP3’s).

Please send all electronic media or links to:

Physical Demos
Because using electronic media is often faster and more accessible to both artists and venues, Vera encourages people to submit their band online. That being said, we will still accept physical demos and press kits as long as they contain the information outlined under the Online section.

Please send all demos and press kits to our mailing address:
The Vera Project
305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109
Attn: Tristan

Thanks for your interest in the Vera Project.


Click here to download a .pdf of our Showroom dimensions.

FOH Console: Mackie Onyx 3280
Mains: (2) EAW LA460
Subs: (2) EAW SB1000ZR
Guest EQ: Presonus DEQ624 Stereo Graphic EQ
Outboard Gear: (2) Rane C4 Quad Compressor
Stereo DBX 266 Comp/Gate
Rane C4 Quad Gate
Lexicon MPX100 Reverb/Delay
Yamaha Rev 500 Reverb

28 Channels is our standard maximum due to the channel constraints of our monitor desk. 10 channels of compression and 6 channels of gates total available.

Mon Console: Mackie Onyx 32-4
Stage Monitors:  (4) EAW SM 12 (3 mixes downstage)
Drum Monitor: EAW SM15
Mackie S410 (Drum Sub)
Equalization: (2) Rane DEQ 60L Stereo Graphic EQ
Outboard gear: Mackie Quad Comp/Gate

2 additional monitor mixes are available with prior notice and request (2 Mackie SRM450 Powered Monitors) with 6 monitor mixes maximum.

FOH: EAW and Crown
Monitors: Crown and QSC

Additional Specifications:

Size: 16 ft wide, 21 ft deep (in the corner of the room)
Height 3 ft

Max Capacity: 362

LED system with Avolites Pearl 2000 Board