Thank you for your interest in The Vera Project’s educational programming! Please be sure to arrive within the first 15 minutes of any class you are taking at Vera. If you arrive later than 15 minutes after a class has started, you will be turned away. You have the option of scheduling for a later class free of charge, but otherwise we do not offer refunds. If a class you are interested in is sold out, please register for a later date, as we do not offer waitlists or oversell class slots. Please review our cancellation policy below for further details.

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Cancellation Policy


Classes / Screenprint Classes

Intro to Vera’s Screenprint Studio

This comprehensive hands-on beginner class teaches you the basics of silkscreening, troubleshooting, working with fabric printing and basic registration. Get comfortable with the shop layout, equipment, and culture. This class is also the prerequisite for using the studio during Open Session.

Intro to T-Shirt Printing

Learn how to print on a variety of fabrics! This course covers everything from preparing artwork and screens to registration and printing.

Intro to Poster Printing

Now that you’ve got the basics of screenprinting, learn the next steps in working with flat stock. Topics include: registration, proper equipment setup, and more!

SCREENPRINT: Private Groups

Our classes are so popular that they advertise themselves! You can book a private class for your non-profit, community organization, group of friends, company, band, everyone living in your communal house, or your book club – we are open to anything.

Classes / Audio Classes

Sound 101 Basics of Live Sound Class

Sound 101 is both an introduction to live audio engineering and an orientation to Vera Project’s methods and equipment. Topics covered include an introduction to microphones and mic placement, signal paths, stands, cables, DI’s, snake, sub-snakes and etiquette for working with bands.

Sound 102 Mixing for Monitors Class

Creating a good monitor mix is one of the most important skills for a live sound engineer to master. This advanced class will teach you the basic techniques in a low pressure environment. Subjects will include an introduction to Vera’s stage monitors, the basic ‘ringing out’ of monitors, EQing, and setting levels. The use of these techniques will allow you to create a clear monitor mix that will help performers be at their best.

Sound 201 Small PA Workshop

This workshop is designed to acquaint students with a small PA system. Small PAs are generally used for band practices, acoustic sets, DJ sets, poetry readings, or even full blown rock shows with monitors (such as house shows or the shows Vera holds in its gallery!). Topics will include: speaker set up and placement, signal flow, setting up turntables, using EQ’s to ‘ring out’ a room, and mixing a small show.

Sound 202 Live Troubleshooting Class

The focus of this class will be two-fold: learning how to use the outboard gear that will inevitably lead to the need to troubleshoot. Some of the topics covered: diagnosing and tracing out of a problem, signal flow, and what to do in an emergency.

Live Sound Front of House Mixing Workshop

This is the big one! A full two hours of mixing a live band in a low pressure environment beginning with the basics of mixing at the front of house board and ending with a full blown mix. Subject matter will include: Setting up for a mix, preamps, EQ settings, mixing styles, sound pressure levels, advanced outboard gear techniques and lots of critical listening.

SOUND: Private Classes

You can book a private class for your friends, your classmates, your high school jazz band, …whatevs. You can book time to take any one or all of the classes we offer, or talk to us and our talented teaching staff can tailor one to your specific needs.

Classes / More Classes

Vera Concert Lighting

Vera Concert Lighting will introduce the basics of stage lighting. The class will focus on learning how to light a band on the Vera stage. Students will learn about different lighting instruments, how to hang and focus lights, as well as basic lighting console operation. A chance to control the lights to music and program your own chase will be an exciting activity that can’t be missed by anyone. With interactive demonstrations students will have a practical grasp on lighting systems at the conclusion of the class. In addition, participants of the class can expect to gain basic fundamental knowledge of working with a band and their lighting needs. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of Vera’s lighting then this is the class for you.

DJ Workshop Series

A beginner-to-intermediate course where students will learn the basic DJ skills using Traktor software and controllers, be provided with software for home practice, and hone their skills before and during Vera Project main stage shows once they’ve completed the full course.

Vera Recording Studio Workshop Series

Vera Recording Studio Workshop Series A six part series consisting of sequential five hour classes, Vera’s recording workshop series covers a recording session from start to finished product. Beginning with the basics, our professional studio engineers will explain Vera Studio’s mixing board, signal flow, and standard microphone techniques as well as studio etiquette, organization and […]