Recording Studio

Record at The Vera Project!

Whether you need to track vocals in our treated isolation booth, a large space for huge drum sounds or a comfortable room for your band to perfect your live performance, Vera’s recording studio can accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes.

During each session at Vera, you’ll work with a staff engineer and volunteer assistant, use our diverse selection of studio microphones and have access to our drums, amplifiers and various instruments. We record and mix the majority of our projects to Protools HD9 through our Soundcraft Series600 mixing console, a handful of outboard signal processors and an extensive library of digital plug-ins. At the end of the session, we can provide you with raw session files for off-site mixing or we can schedule time for one of our engineers to mix your songs in-house.

Our recording schedule may be limited due to concerts and other events but we are very flexible and can accommodate late-night and early-morning sessions as needed. Standard rates are listed below, however we offer discounts to Vera Members and are open to negotiating flat, project rates based on the needs of your session.

For scheduling and additional info, contact our Studio Manager: or call 206-956-VERA.

Recording Studio: $40/hr (includes staff engineer)
Mixing: $35/hr (project rates available)