👋Join us in shaping the future of The Vera Project! We are thrilled to announce an open call for dedicated and passionate professionals to become integral members of our Board of Directors. If you share our commitment to fostering all-ages live music, supporting the arts, and advocating for social justice, we invite you to apply!

⁉️Do you want to deepen your civic involvement, engage with creative youth and collaborate with people of all ages who give a shit about music, art, and healthy communities? 

You’re in luck! The Vera Project is recruiting new board members!

Headquartered at Seattle Center, the Vera Project is dedicated to fostering personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art. A nonprofit concert venue, screen print shop, recording studio, art gallery and safe space for radical self-expression, Vera is open to everyone, inclusionary of age, race, gender, sexuality or ability. 😎

Vera’s Board of Directors supports Vera Project staff and membership by providing guidance in areas related to their personal and professional expertise. The organization is tapping into Seattle’s robust cultural and administrative landscape to find a diverse and dedicated set of prospective board members.

The board hopes to recruit individuals with the following skill sets:

-Fundraising, financial management and/or major giving

-Construction law, contract law, IP law and/or tax law

-Direct action, mutual aid and/or grassroots organizing

-Artistic performance

Preference will be given to individuals with experience in education, youth work or abolition, as well as personal or professional connections to Southeast Seattle. No prior board experience required, but more seasoned applicants are welcome, too.

“Board membership at the Vera Project is an awesome opportunity for folks looking to deepen their civic involvement, engage with creative youth and collaborate with people of all ages who give a shit about music, art, and healthy communities,” said Jonathan Zwickel, Vera’s board chair. “Vera is brimming with resources right now, from our audio and video production labs, to revamped recording facilities, to our killer new Black Lodge location. This is a great time to get involved.”

Board members serve two-year terms, with the option of extending service twice, for a total of six years. Vera runs what’s known as a working board, meaning that board members are expected to contribute their time, expertise, and social capital more than their money. The volunteer position includes free access to all concerts, classes, workshops, and special events that Vera hosts. Board members typically learn new skills while working alongside interesting, activated people and rocking the fuck out.

To be considered, reach out to boardofdirectors@theveraproject.org. Please share the reason for your interest, a brief summary of qualifications, and your resume/CV.

Further details:

Board Member Expectations (8 hours a month)

  • Attend bi-monthly two-hour board meeting, missing no more than two throughout the year
  • Attend at least one two-hour members meeting a year alongside the youth we serve (free pizza!)
  • Join a board subcommittee and attend monthly one-hour meeting
  • Assist with annual fundraiser planning and execution
  • Attend annual board member retreat
  • Make a personally meaningful financial contribution once a year
  • Provide feedback for Executive Director annual review
  • Total time of labor is roughly eight hours per month

Onboarding Timeline

Candidates are required to attend two board and/or subcommittee meetings in order to introduce themselves to current board members and begin familiarizing with VERA’s working style. For this same reason, we recommend attending a members meeting as well.

Board meetings occur monthly and are held in person with a remote option as needed; members meetings occur quarterly, ie. four times a year.

Board member approval requires a majority board vote to recommend to members and a subsequent majority members vote to approve. The entirety of the onboarding process takes between three to six months depending on time of year and candidate availability.

Interested? Have questions? Reach out today! Email boardofdirectors@theveraproject.org


Vera BoD