Are you organizing a show or event and need a sound system?  VERA has sound equipment that can be rented for events with up to 200 people.  You can either run our easy-to-use system yourself or hire one of VERA’s sound engineers for assistance.

*Members receive 30% off equipment rental rates (does not apply to staffing). Please inquire about non-profit rates.

Small PA Package:
$300-$500 (Depending on event location, duration, and various other details)
(2) Mackie SRM450 powered monitors and (2) stands
(1) Mackie ProFX 10v3 mixing board
(3) Vocal microphones (includes stands)
Cables, cords and power

Standard PA Package:
$500-750 (Depending on event location, duration, and various other details)
(2) Mackie SRM450 powered monitors and (2) stands
(1) Mackie SWA50 powered subwoofer
(1) Mackie ProFX 12v3 mixing board
(3) Vocal microphones (includes stands)
(2) Instrument microphones (includes stands)
Cables, cords and power

Full PA Package:
$1000-$1250 + House Engineer (required)
(2) Mackie SWA50 powered subwoofers
(5) Mackie SRM450 powered main/monitors and (2) stands
(1) Mackie 2404 VLZ mixing board
(1) 8 space rack with 4 EQ’s and 4 channels of compression
(4) Vocal microphones (includes stands)
(1) 16-Channel Snake
(2) Instrument microphones (includes stands)
(2) Direct boxes
Cables, cords and power

Sound Engineer:
Between $25 to $50/hr, depending on the type of rental, length of show, and various other factors to be discussed.

Prices are PER DAY.
Damage deposit is $150 and is fully refundable when equipment is returned. 

Pick up and drop off during VERA hours only and is renter’s responsibility. 

We also have a wide range of peripheral equipment including specialty microphones, direct boxes, etc. For more information, email

Basic Small PA Set Up

Small PA Package:

  1. Place stands in proper area. Place Mackie speakers on stands (there is a slot in the bottom the stands slip into) tighten knobs in back of Mackies to hold them on the stands
  2. Find a table to put the mixer on. Remove cover and plug power cable into back and plug cable into outlet
  3. Turn on mixer (switch on back)
  4. Run one long microphone cable from left output on the back of the mixer into input nearest speaker
  5. Run second long microphone cable from output (through) of first speaker to second speaker
  6. Plug power cables into back of both Mackie Speakers. Plug power cables into outlet
  7. Make sure volume knob of speakers points to center arrow. Turn on speakers (all controls are on back of speakers)
  8. Place microphones in stands. Run mic cables from each mic to channels (example: channels 1-3 in mixer)
  9. Bring master fader to unity gain (zero)
  10. Make sure channels are ON. Bring faders up to unity gain (zero)
  11. Use gain to set input level
  12. Speak!

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