Board of Directors

Vera’s Board provides direction and oversight to keep Vera legal and solvent. Board meetings happen at 6pm in the Vera conference room on the 4th Monday of every month (there is no Board meeting August, November and December).



Jonathan Zwickel


Corporate Communications, T-Mobile (Formerly City Arts)

Kim West

Vice Chair

Attorney at Law, Mix Sanders Thompson PLLC
Musician, Smokey Brights

Phil Bouie

Fundraising Chair

Development Officer, LegalVoice

Andrea Allsop


Finance Manager at The Wing Luke Museum

Abe Claiborne

Co-founder, 2 Doors Management

Jenelle Clark

Executive and Organizational Coaching, Daily Ritual Consulting
Public Information Specialist, University of Washington, Dept. of Urban Design and Planning

Rebecca Denk

Director of Finance and Human Resources, KEXP
Yoga Instructor, Seattle Yoga Arts

Cheri Kramer

International Tax Manager, Amazon

Mary Robins

Musician, Biblioteka

Scott Rosen

Tessa Tenborg

Campaign Planner, Hurtigruten, Inc.