What is this place?

Vera is your dream come true: a music and arts venue with a mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people.
In 2007, Vera moved into a hot new (now new-ish) venue at the Seattle Center with more room for shows, gallery shows, silkscreening, audio training, and other classes.  You can find out about our different classes by visiting the Classes page.

Vera books concerts of all kinds, holds classes throughout the week, hosts the Ver(a)rt gallery, runs a community silkscreen program, and trains Seattle’s future sound engineers.  All this is done through the hard work of volunteers (mostly ages 12-24, but open to anyone regardless of age), members, and our board of directors, who guide a minimal yet diligent staff.  Vera consistently maintains our mission to provide a drug-and alcohol-free venue.

How do I book a band at Vera?

If you are a booking agent or want your band to play at The Vera Project, reach out to Booking@theveraproject.org.  If you’re a local artist looking to play at VERA for the first time, the best way make it happen is to reach out to and/or join our Veracity committee. We get many booking requests and may not be able to respond to all emails, but we will keep you mind for the future.

How can I be part of Vera?

Volunteer!  Vera is possible because of people who donate their time and energy.  Volunteering at Vera begins with a Volunteer Orientation.  You can also become a member of The Vera Project. Visit our Membership page to find out how to do this.

When is the next volunteer orientation?

Going to an orientation is the first step towards volunteering at Vera.  Learn more at Get Involved.

When are classes?

Classes are in full swing, including sound and silkscreen.  Check out this page for more info: Classes

Is VERA wheelchair accessible? Is there designated wheelchair/accessible seating?

Yes! Our front (show) door is located at the bottom of a ramp, & our office door is located at street level with a long hallway that goes through our recording studio to a wheelchair elevator that goes from the studio to backstage/ground level.  This means that whichever door you enter, it’s possible for a chair to get to our main floor/showroom. The showroom currently doesn’t have a designated area for disabled seating or wheelchairs; the show room is mainly one big open space, but we’d be happy to figure out how to designate an area if need be. Restrooms are on the ground level and are wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral. For other accessibility questions, please contact info@theveraproject.org.

Can I work off community service hours here?

For sure!  Hours spent volunteering at Vera count towards school service learning requirements and court community service hours.  Start by coming to an orientation (and read the Volunteer page).

How do I donate something I think Vera could use?

If you have something you think we could use and is in working condition (like a sofa, office supplies, audio equipment, or silkscreen equipment) please contact info@theveraproject.org.

Is Vera funded by the city?

Vera is a nonprofit that gets a portion of its funding from the city.  The other 7/8 come from earned income, grants, and individual and corporate contributions.