Shiver & Scream: A Scary Sound Effect Design Workshop

Foundry10 Presents: Shiver and Scream, a Scary Sound Effect Design Workshop
Monday October 23rd 5-9PM
The Vera Project Recording Studio
Corner of Warren Ave N & Republican St


About the Workshop:
Just in time for the Halloween holiday, Shiver and Scream is a free four hour workshop that will teach you how to take (or make) sounds, either those that they record or from a library, and manipulate into a spooky soundscape. You will then work to restore a scene from a campy horror flick, applying the same professional sound design techniques used in gaming and movies. This is a free workshop!

About the Instructor:
Joshua Du Chene is a composer, sound designer, Foley artist, musician, and educator in the Seattle indie games community. He has been a maker of sounds ever since he discovered he could hum whilst consuming Gerber applesauce in his He-Man high-chair. Now he just does it with more expensive equipment. Joshua holds a Master of Education degree from Oregon State University and has presented on audio at the PAX Developer’s Conference, Seattle Startup Week, the SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge, and at Shoreline College. 

About foundry10:
Foundry10 is a philanthropic research organization dedicated to finding new and interesting ways to create value for youth today. We partner with communities and schools to try new approaches to learning, across a broad range of subjects and environments.

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