Individual & Recurring Donations

How to Donate to The Vera Project

Thank you for being a supporter of The Vera Project! Donors like you power our community and mission to foster personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.

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Donate Via Mail

The Vera Project
Attn: Finance & Impact Manager
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109

Join The Vera Project’s Backline

You can become a Backline Donor at The Vera Project by making an ongoing monthly donation of $10 or more.

When you join The Vera Project’s Backline you will:

  • Ensure that VERA has the resources to bring you and our shared communities all of the music and arts programming you love.
  • Enjoy the benefits of being a monthly supporter: exclusive merch, discount codes, free concerts, specialized newsletters, and more.
  • Join our passionate community of dedicated all-ages music and arts supporters.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is like a charitable investment account that is set up for the sole purpose of supporting charities. Individuals can contribute cash, stocks, or other assets to the DAF and receive an immediate tax deduction. Those funds are invested for tax-free growth and the individual can recommend donations to charities of their choice over time. Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle because they are the easiest and the most tax-savvy way to give to charities like VERA.

How does a donor-advised fund work? 

  1. To establish the fund, an individual makes an irrevocable tax-deductible contribution (cash, stock, real estate, etc.) to a sponsoring organization, community foundation, or financial institution. Individuals receive a tax receipt and tax benefits when funds are deposited into their DAF.
  2. The DAF sponsoring organization oversees those funds as they grow tax-free. 
  3. The assets within the fund now legally belong to the sponsoring organization but the DAF account holder retains advisory privileges over disbursements made from the DAF in addition to the investment strategy.
  4. DAF account holders can recommend single or recurring donations to charitable organizations. Funds in a DAF can only be used to support organizations that are tax-exempt 501(c)(3) and classified as public charities under 509(a).
  5. Once the DAF sponsoring organization approves, the recommended donation is made to a qualified charitable organization, such as The Vera Project.

    What are the benefits of giving through a donor-advised fund? 

    • Support a charity you believe in through strategic giving, over time.
    • Maintain family involvement in charitable decisions.
    • Create a lasting legacy.
    • Take advantage of immediate tax benefits with the ability to distribute funds later.
    • Consolidate all of your charitable giving.
    • Ensure that you meet and/or exceed standard deductions by combining donations of stock to a DAF.

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Contributions from companies and their employees mean so much because you can double the impact of your donation to VERA through matching gifts. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees and sometimes retirees. To find out if your company has a matching gift program check out the handy search engine from the University of Washington.

If your employer does matching gifts then here is how you can enroll:

  1. Contact your HR department to determine instructions for submitting a matching gift
  2. Determine the amount that you are eligible to have matched, which is the amount you have paid to date
  3. Designate your matched funds to The Vera Project. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and our non-profit registration number or EIN is 31-1816016.

Your employer may also ask for additional information about VERA:

Legal Name: The Vera Project
Address: 305 Harrison Street, Seattle WA 98109
Tax ID number or EIN: 31-1816016

Please note that employers can only match the amount you have paid to date, as opposed to the total amount you are donating over time. If you made a one-time gift, great! You can submit for a match in the full amount.

If you are a monthly Backline donor, your gift can be matched in one of two ways:

  1. Submit a matching gift form for each month’s installment
  2. Submit a matching gift form when your installments have been completed, or once a fiscal year if you are a Backline donor.

In-Kind Donations

An in-kind donation is a non-monetary contribution of goods or services. Suggestions for what VERA is happy to receive include:

  1. Office Supplies
  2. Office equipment
  3. Audio equipment
  4. Photo/Video equipment
  5. Screenprint materials/equipment
  6. Musical instruments
  7. Furniture
  8. Repair services for electronics

If there is anything else you have that may be of use at VERA please feel free to reach out to 

Your contribution to The Vera Project helps us:

As a supporter of The Vera Project, you are directly helping to spread the gospel of all-ages music and arts to over 60,000 people of all ages every single year.